“Flame of Hope”: Kavre District Earthquake Relief Effort 6th May 2015

“Flame of Hope”: Kavre District Earthquake Relief Effort 6th May 2015

Actor/Director Akash Adhikari who is the founder of the NGO “Flame of Hope” has distributed relief materials (Food, Tarpaulin, Medicine, and Water) and operated one day health camp for the earthquake victims in three wards at Deupur, Palanchowk Kavre. 

Akash Adhikari’s NGO “Flame of Hope” has distributed the relief items of 5 lakhs in Ward No. 7, 8 and 9 at deopur, Palanchowk Kavre.  Team of 45 member from Kathmandu went to Kavre district to aid earthquake sufferers on Monday. Along with Actor/Director Akash adhikari, upcoming actor Aryan Adhikari, media personalities, organization members and medical staffs provided their helping hands to the victims. 

The relief materials and the medical treatment provided by the NGO “Flame of Hope” has supported the disaster recovery and has met survivor’s immediate need for food, fuel, clean water, sanitation and shelter. The relief material for the elderly couple (90 years above) was distributed by Actor/Director Akash Adhikari in Ward NO. 9. After the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25 2015, rural villages bordering Kavre have been completely decimated. Approximately 500 homes have either been destroyed or uninhabitable from villages including Sanga (42), Kakrabaari (350), Khalchowk (400), Gyasingtar (48), Ashapuri (28), Falasey (32). The villages, mainly from Tamang, Magar or Gurung communities have lost along with their belongings, their sources of income. However, many rescue team has come to donate the relief materials and fund but according to the local people the material distributed by the Actor/Director Akash Adhikari’s NGO “Flame of Hope” was the generous one. 

 The relief materials included 100 quintal of rice, 24 cartoon noodles, 36 sacks of Bhuja, 2 cartoon biscuits, 40 K.G. Lentil, 100 shelter tarpaulin, 10 Sack of beaten rice, 6 sacks of salt, 1 cartoon of Daal-mot, 1 sack of potato, 5 sets of mats, 5 sets of shelter tarpaulin roll and 90 meters mattress.

After watching the earthquake victims, Actor/Director Akash Adhikari said, “We are working to deliver immediate needs and medicines to save people lives. And I think we have fulfilled that goal. We wanted to help earthquake sufferers and wanted to feel their pain.  There’s a saying “Helping a weak will make you strong” so our team have done whatever we could do. We feel happy distributing relief items but on the other hand it’s quite depressing to see the tragic and unprecedented loss that befell the country.” Akash Adhikari expressed his emotion for the people who have lost their family and households. He also expressed that every human being should lift one another.

The government had decided to set up a Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Fund with a target of collecting $2 billion with $200 million as seed money from the government. According to Actor/director Akash Adhikari, “The duty of government is not only to re-build the destroyed heritages or household but also should provide maintenance service for cracked houses. It is very crucial to maintain cracked houses so that in future we don’t lose many public properties which should be checked by engineers.”

Actor/ Director Akash Adhikari is very grateful to various NGOs like Sunny Sagarmatha Samaj, Nepali Association of Northern California, Nepal Children Welfare Society, Eyebrow Plus Inc.,I to We team, Dr. Bhola Rijal for providing medicines, friends from Daunne Devi VDC and Jamunia VDC. He also informed that in coming days he would like to provide relief materials and operate health camp to earthquake victims in Nuwakot, Gorkha and Sindhuplachowk. 

Along with the Akash’s NGO “Flame of Hope” British denizen Dr. Susan Hyamblin helped in operating a health camp and was very happy to be a part of this social work. She expressed, “I’ve come to this place for the first time. I’m very happy to help people here. “Flame of Hope” has been doing a great social work. In coming days, I would love to participate in these activities.” The earthquake victims were content after they were provided shelter, food and medical treatment.