Flame of Hope Nepal


Flame of Hope Nepal is a non-profit Non Govermental Organization (NGO) registered with the Social Welfare Council of the country. Its main aim is to build better communities in the rural areas and cities of Nepal. With special focus on the rural demographics, our main motto is that even a small change in a society can go forward in improving the lives of at least a few people. We work to enhance and advance the livelihood, capacity and wellbeing of the people in the community through creative working methods.  Our primary target groups include the economically and geographically marginalized people and those who do not have access to health services, human rights and other personal/social needs. We believe in equality and equity.

The organization raises funds for the aid of the needy and victims via an account of ‘Flame of Hope Nepal’ at the Nabil bank. One can be a part of our community service by donating to the charity. Please help our work grow and be a part of a nation-wide help network that our organization operates.

Nabil Bank account no. 1501017500078